Local Food Month at Revology

Local Food Month at Revology

Local Food Month at Revology

Local Food Month at Revology

Local Food Month is upon us, and with the changing season comes an abundance of wonderful food ready for harvest. We are fortunate to have native and bountiful food right here in New Zealand, and if this past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of food resilience and supporting local. New Zealander’s are inherently connected to the earth, and the food that we pride ourselves on producing. We are creative and innovative with our food, but also respect and honour traditions. Let’s continue to honour our land and celebrate the incredible food-producing community in our country by choosing to grow and buy local.

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Read on to learn their stories.

+ Kopuwai Delta olive oil online and in-store
+ Modern Māori cuisine with Monique Fiso’s Hiakai
+ Cardrona local Branch Creek Honey
+ A Forager’s Treasury by Johanna Knox


Revology Local Food_Hia Kai

Tradition & Innovation Fuse

Modern Māori Cuisine

We are so pleased to be stocking Monique Fiso's innovative and delectable take on Māori cuisine, Hiakai. 
New Zealand is rich with native plants, seafood and birds, and it is about time we all 
learned to take advantage of and incorporate local kai.
The book explores history, tradition and tikanga, as well as Monique’s 
personal journey of self-discovery. It tells the story of kai Māori, 
provides foraging and usage notes, an illustrated ingredient directory, 
and over 30 breathtaking recipes that give this ancient knowledge new life.
Book available in-store and online


Foraging in Aotearoa_Revology Local Food Month

Your Complete Guide To

Foraging in Aotearoa

A New Zealand guide to the art of foraging – the ultimate guide to finding sustainable, free and fascinating plants. 
In New Zealand’s urban and rural wildernesses, 
there is an abundance of food just waiting to be discovered, 
if only you know what to look for. 
Foraged food is healthy, economical and sustainable, 
but the best part about it is the fun you will have finding wild food. 
This book is guaranteed to make you look at the plants around you in a different light. 
A Forager’s Treasury features profiles of many edible plants 
commonly found in New Zealand, 
including advice on where to find them, 
how to harvest them and how best to use them.
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Branch Creek Honey_Revology Concept Store Food Month

Family Owned and Operated

Branch Creek Honey

Branch Creek Honey is made right up the road in the Cardrona Valley 
by beekeeper Jess Curtis. 
Jess is a young local beekeeper who tends to her hives up in the iconic 
Cardrona Valley at Branch Creek, a high country sheep and beef station. 
The hives were started by Jess’s grandfather in 1998 and now Jess, 
freshly out of high school at Mount Aspiring College in Wānaka, is taking over.
Bees are hugely important in our delicate ecosystem. 
They help pollinate plants we need to eat and for our environment to thrive. 
Jess takes this role seriously and her vision is to continue 
to expand the beehives to cater for the pollination demand – 
creating on the way beautiful honey that we can enjoy! We love local, 
we love looking after the bees and we love to support young entrepreneurs. 
All the reasons why we love Jess.
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Revology Local Food Month

Revology Local Food Month

Local Food Month at Revology

Kopuwai Delta Olive Oil

Staff Picks

This month's staff pick is from Revology's marketing guru, Jana. 
Jana loves the smooth, peppery flavour of the oil, 
drizzled generously over her evening salad. 
Kopuwai Delta olive oil is made here in Wānaka from a single grove 
planted on a slope by the Clutha River. 
They let the trees grow slowly and organically on lean stony soils, 
and apply minimal water.
We love Kopuwai Delta's ethos, 
that as kaitiaki of the land we must respect the environment 
and be committed to regeneration. 
They believe in connecting and creating with nature, 
sharing the beauty and bounty of Kopuwai Delta. 
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