Plastic Free:
On The Move Edition

This month is plastic free July, but at Revology every month is about going plastic free.

When you are out on the move – travelling, at work, wherever you are – we have tips for ensuring plastic is not on the agenda. It comes down to being prepared. Once you are, it is so easy to say no to plastic. Having with you when you leave the house a few essentials for your day and thinking 1) what will I drink? 2) what will I eat? and 3) what will I buy?


If you are a regular coffee drinker, pack a keep cup. Many places around town are single-use cup free and will sometimes even give a discount on coffee when you bring your own cup. Forgotten your cup? No problem, those same cafes also have deposit cup schemes, or simply take 5 extra minutes and enjoy your drink there.

And let’s not forget water! Carrying a reusable drink bottle with you helps you avoid buying plastic water bottles, and can also double as a hot water vessel for tea, or to grab a smoothie on the go.


If treating yourself to a bought lunch, bring with you a container to fill. Most places will give you your food in your own container and set of cutlery, be it sushi, soup, salad or a sandwich. You can bring absolutely anything – even just a plate or bowl from the staff kitchen, a fork from the drawer. You don’t need to have anything special to stop using plastics. The best thing you can do is work with what you have, and incorporate items that will make your plastic free journey even easier.


It is always useful bringing an extra carry bag for those unexpected purchases in the day, whether in a retail space or on the food shop.

Reducing plastics in your food shopping not only reduces your plastic consumption, but also tends to guide you towards healthier food choices. Taking the time to head to a bulk bin shop means you can buy what you need, use your own produce bags or containers, and surround yourself with more wholefood options.

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Bringing back the enamel

The perfect addition to a zero-waste pantry. Enamelware lasts a lifetime and is worth the investment. The Colorama collection is so poppy you almost want to use it as an art piece!

BORNN takes its inspiration from the fascinating history of enamelware and by using traditional manufacturing techniques, aims to produce modern, unique and handcrafted pieces to help keep these skills alive.

Simple, gorgeous colours are paired up in this collection to create a truly eye-catching table display. Mix and match away!

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Win Revology merch when you

SUCFree (Single Use Cup Free) Wanaka are hosting a massive giveaway competition from July to October. Each week a new location around town will put you in the draw to win prizes when you bring your own cup. Revology merch will be included amongst the prizes, such as our RE+Fuel water bottle and RE+Fuel lunchbox.

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