Celebrating tea at Revology

There are many reasons why we love tea at Revology.

Tea is good for us
The health benefits of tea are wide ranging, and when it comes to Revology teas we tailor each tea to a different need. Our black and green teas are rich in anti-oxidants, while our herbal infusions are specifically targeted (and caffeine-free). RE+Vive for ills and chills, RE+Balance for detox and digestion, RE+Juvinate for a pick-me-up, RE+Focus for brain function, RE+Plenish for lactating mothers and RE+Gulate for women’s hormonal balance.

Organic and local
As much as possible, we source our herbs from local New Zealand growers using organic practices. The blends have been developed by us, for you. Some plants we use can’t grow here as they need more sun and heat than we can provide! For these, we use only certified organic ingredients. Imported ingredients are sourced using Fair Trade practises that empower growers. These are small tea growers, many of whom are women.

The act of preparing tea is in itself a mindful and integrative practise. Taking the time to place your tea leaves into a tea stick or a tea pot, allowing the tea to brew for the required time, and then enjoying your tea cup by cup, to then be repeated again. You begin to feel more connection and appreciation for the activity. Thinking about moving away from coffee? Many have found our teas a great alternative.

Tea drinking is something that is steeped (pun not intended) in history. Did you know that tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet after water? From all corners of the world tea has been consumed for generations, and for good reason. Fascinated by the origins and uses of tea? Have a look at The Book of Tea, Infused or The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook.

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When it comes to tea,

Quality matters.

There is a good reason why we love tea leaves at Revology. Most teas on the market contribute unnecessary waste into our environment – boxes of packaging and tea bags lined with plastics that are thrown away after only one use.

Not only do we believe in reducing waste, but we also believe in quality. An average tea bag can be used once. But did you know that high quality tea leaves and herbs can be steeped up to six times?

Try it for yourself. Next time you brew one of our teas, keep the tea leaves (whether you use a tea stick or a pot), re-steep the tea and see what you notice. There is so much to learn around the correct usage of tea, have a look at The Book of TeaInfused or The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook to extend your knowledge!

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Latest tea release!

Formulated for Women and Breastfeeding

Getting the balance just right can be a challenge for women when juggling a whirlwind of hormones. Sometimes we need just a little bit of extra support, which is why we have recently released two new herbal blends; RE+Gulate and RE+Plenish. Two teas specially formulated to support women’s health.

Made with Rasberry Leaf, Hawthorn Flower, St. John’s Wort, Kawakawa and Fennel, RE+Gulate provides women a lovely gentle daily tea and works to support women’s health and healing.

Made with Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Fennel, Lemon Grass and Lemon Verbena, RE+Plenish has new mums in mind. This tea contains herbs traditionally used to help with milk production and healing properties, with a lovely lemony taste and zip from the nettle.

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A look at our

Pre-Loved French Vintage

We have a beautiful range of pre-loved French vintage pieces, dating back to early 20th century, in store and online. At the core of Revology Design is incorporating timeless design with natural fibres and high quality material. Why not pair a 20th Century Vintage Workbench with a Revology chair, or re-invent movie nights with a 1950s Lita Cinema Projector?

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