Materials matter. Use only materials that make sense environmentally & mechanically.
Keep them true. No fakes.
Design circular. Make objects to last, evolve & be repaired.
Make it beautiful.

We’re really passionate about this little blue planet we call home – but sadly, what we buy and HOW we buy it is leaving a heavy footprint.

Yet we still want to celebrate and nourish those we love; we want to be creative, to hide away wrapped up in a rug with a good book and cup of incredible tea. Not only that, but we still need quality everyday objects for our home, work and travel.

SO, we want to make sure everything in our little concept store has a purpose. First it has to fall either in the circular economy (materials are recycled and/or recyclable) or the bio economy (melts back into the earth).

Next, who made it? Each object has a story and we make it a priority to know where it comes from and the hands that shaped it.

Finally, we seek beauty in simplicity.



In 2018, we helped to established Wao Aotearoa, a charitable trust working with communities to help transition to a thriving, regenerative future. Every year, we volunteer part of our time and donate to Wao to help them achieve their mission. Supporting us helps us support the work they do. Find out more and what events are coming up on their website.