Plastic Free: At Home Edition

This month is plastic free July, but here at Revology every month is about going plastic free.

We source plastic free products for every aspect of life, including designing our own range of reusable products: useful and zero-waste, based on two fundamental principles. First, to avoid the use of single use products. Second, at the end of their natural life, they can either go in your compost and happily biodegrade away to make food for your garden or they’re designed to last a very long time and then be easily recycled. We don’t use paints or colours, everything is raw, beautiful, natural materials. For the products we source, we also apply this criteria, adding in ethical production for good measure.

Switching out plastic can start in the home. You can start slow, and adopt change over time. After all, the best thing is to use what you have, and when that is done replace with made-to-last, natural and ethical choices.

Plastic free in the bathroom at revology concept store

Plastic free in the bathroom at revology concept store

Plastic Free In The Bathroom

There are incredible beauty bar ranges that, in our not so humble opinion, work better than most bottled products. Shampoos, conditioners, face cleansers and serums: the key difference between a bottled product and a bar is water. Oh yes, and plastic. So why not take out the water, get away from the chemical, and switch to the bar? You will also notice the simplicity and beauty of a decluttered bathroom.

Plastic creeps its way into many of our household products. Fortunately there are alternatives for everything. From razors, to teeth brushing and flossing, even toilet brushes, the best thing we can do is use what we have, but when that is no longer an option look to products that say no to plastic. 

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Plastic Free IN THE KITCHEN at Revology Concept Store

Plastic Free In The Kitchen

There are some really practical plastic switches you can make in the kitchen, and ones that make everyday objects beautiful. Synthetic, plastic fibres dominate much of the market and are having incredibly damaging impacts to our environment. Think about how your products are made – are they made from natural renewable materials? Are they made to last and be repaired? From cotton dishcloths and tea towels, to natural fibre brushes and scrubbers, there are alternatives that not only allow you to ditch the plastic, but also bring craftsmanship, quality design and beauty into your kitchen!

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Apres Ski & Late Night Shopping

This Saturday at Revology:

Apres Ski & Late Night Shopping

This Saturday from 4pm-9m the Wanaka Precinct will be open late for apres ski. The rooftop will be open as well as the shops for late night shopping while you enjoy live music, mulled wine from the wonderful Loulou and fine food from the Wee Tart’s new grill.

Come into Revology for a creamy French hot chocolate and enjoy some late night shopping. See you there!


Upcoming Workshop: Introduction to Astrology

Astrology provides us with many enriching tools to understand ourselves, others and the world around us. The distribution of the four elements in your personal horoscope offers clues about what your lacks and excesses in life are. How can you balance them? Come and join Doris in this workshop and you will find answers.

Hosted at the store, 28 Helwick Street on Thursday 5 August from 5.30pm – 6.45pm. Email uniquelyyou@unikum.co.nz to register, tickets $25.