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+ How to give up plastic

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Matariki midwinter break with the family! We were out with Kahu Youth on the Wānaka Lakefront celebrating with the community and talking about protecting our waterways by getting rid of plastics.

From the microfibres in synthetic clothes that end up in our oceans to that package you use once for a few minutes then throw away in your bin. Except it’s really not going away. It’s just becoming a problem elsewhere.

Every year Kiwi’s create more than 17 million tonnes of waste. Of that 17 million tonnes only 28 percent of those materials are recycled with the rest going to landfill, approximately 252,000 tonnes of that is plastic waste. That 252,000 tonnes of un-recycled plastic will be around for thousands of years in our soil, seeping into our waterways and food systems damaging our health.

So what can we do to get plastics out of our lives? This month it’s Plastic Free July and we’re going to be looking at hacks to get out of the Age of Plastic and into one where we respect mother earth and all other beings who share this beautiful planet with us. Check our our top tips below!

Photo: Wānaka lakefront Matariki celebrations 2022





Sewing patterms merchant & mills new zealand
Sewing patterms merchant & mills new zealand

Meet the Maker



+ McLean & Co
+ The Woven

With our focus this month on Plastic Free July we are excited to host Sue McLean from McLean & Co for a Meet the Maker Market Day. Join us in store at Revology on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of July to meet Sue, learn about their sustainable practices and peruse a large selection of McLean’s beautiful fashion and homeware for sale.

Knit Club date with the wonderful Michelle from The Woven on Thursday the of 21st July 5pm so make sure to bring your needles and those unfinished projects to get some advice from the pro!

Contact us here to book your spot.  


Tips for going plastic free new zealand
Plastic free, waste free new zealand

Hacks to go

Plastic Free

+ Revology Tea stick
+ SUC Free Cup
+ Merchant & Mills
+ Lamberts Luscious

    – Don’t forget your reusable drink bottle
  • – Go SUC Free like we do in Wānaka and use a keep cup.
  • – BYO container and cutlery for all those takeaways.
    – Use your own produce bags or containers at the supermarket.
    – Get rid of tea bags and get a tea stick.
    – Make Refilling your new mantra. Try our beautiful range of Revology refill teas or go to a wholefood refillery like Freshlink in Wānaka). Fill your cart with whole food not plastic containers.
    – Use solid shampoo, conditioner and soap (Check out our beautiful range from Wanaka Soap Kitchen and Lamberts Luscious)
    – Choose reusable glass or ceramics over plastic (Oamaru Apothecary + Aotea + Soap Kitchen Wanaka + Lamberts Luscious)
    – Check the inside label on all new clothes to see what it’s made from. If it’s not organic cotton, linen, hemp, silk or wool etc, it will be shedding micro plastics that get into our water ways.
    – Choose ethically sourced organic cotton clothing like those from ReCreate and We-Ar
    – Make your own clothes using stunning new range of fabric from Merchant & Mills. 
  • 4. GET VOCAL
    – The old feedback form might seem like a novel piece of paper or online form but boy it can harness some power! Next time you notice a plastic water bottle in your hotel room, a restaurant with single use takeaway containers, cutlery or straws simply write them a politely worded review advising that there are more sustainable alternatives that are available.
Plastic free New zealand

Share your Plastic Free Tips
Revology Giveaway


We’ve got an amazing Plastic Free give away this month for two lucky people. Share with us what you are trying to focus on this Plastic Free July on socials before 25th of July for a chance to win one of our Plastic Free Revology Starter Kits, which includes:

How to Give up Plastic by Will McCallum
Re+ Drink bottle
Re+ Lunch box
Re+ Cutlery Set