The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with the reasons why Revology Ltd collects personal data, how it is used, and what opportunities you have to oppose it. Revology pays particular attention to the protection of your personal information and undertakes to comply with the European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data and the national laws that apply them.

Revology S.A. with the registered office at 28 Helwick Street, Wanaka 9305, New Zealand, is responsible for the processing of your personal data. The data collected is used within the limits permitted by law. Revology proceeds to the collection of your personal data for the purposes:

  • the processing of your order or following the conclusion of a contract (contractual nature);
  • the invoicing by Revology and in this case the identification of the Customer;
  • dispatching the order to the correct address or to inform you of the follow-up of the order and the dispatch;
  • delivery and assembly;
  • the follow-up of the order with the customer service;
  • any other action relating to the management of the order.

The requested data which are preceded by an asterisk are mandatory for the smooth running of the order or service requested by the Customer. The provision of these data conditions the conclusion of the contract. If the Customer wishes to place an order or request a service, he is obliged to provide it. Otherwise, Revology will not be able to execute the order or the service requested by the Customer.

These data may be used for marketing purposes only in certain cases.

  • if the Client’s consent has been previously obtained specifically for this purpose, this data may be used for commercial prospecting, targeted advertising, as part of the Revology loyalty program, a REVOLOGY scheduled order, commercial offers and sending newsletters and sms.

Personal information or data (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) refers to information about the Customer as a natural person and that is provided by the Customer voluntarily or in accordance with Article 1 of this Privacy Policy, when he identifies himself or gives information to the Site. The Data includes the following personal data: last name, first name, email address, mobile phone number, account password, email address of the godfather and / or godson, history of coupons, mail / email history, email address billing (name, first name, company, postal address, phone), delivery address (name, first name, company, postal address, telephone, floor, digital code to access the building or the house), payment information (type , amount, transaction number, status), history of products ordered, delivery information (type, expected date, effective date),product incidents (interview records, product photographs), statistical analyzes and survey of products satisfaction. It is also understood by Data, those that are collected by the Site automatically such as the IP address, cookies, connection data and navigation.

Revology protects the privacy of the Client in accordance with the legislation in force.

The Customer agrees that its Data will be collected and used by Revology in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Revology does not collect data for a minor under 16 years of age.



When the Customer identifies himself, creates an account or voluntarily entrusts information to the Site: name, first name for identification purposes, mailing address for delivery, floor, code to access the building or house for the purpose of delivery in the room chosen by the Customer, email address and mobile phone number for the purpose of contacting the Customer to inform him of the follow-up of the order and / or delivery, password of the account, history of the orders, history of vouchers, history of communication, billing address (name, surname, company, postal address, phone), delivery address (name, surname, company, postal address, telephone, floor, access code), ordered items, delivery information (type, expected date, effective date), item incidents (interview record, item pictures) for the purpose of the following of the order.

In case of an order from the Customer on the Site or registrations on the site: payment information / bank details to ensure the payment of the order (type of card, amount, transaction number, status). The management of bank details is entrusted to a third party contractor, SIX Payment Services (Europe) S.A., 10,rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5365 Munsbach (www.six-payment-services.com).

STRIPE payment service, a subcontractor of Revology, requests the withdrawal from the Customer’s bank. The Site uses STRIPE Payment Services to process the Customer’s payments by direct debit. For more information about how STRIPE Payment Services processes personal data and the Customer’s data protection rights, including your right to object, go to stripe.com/nz/privacy.


The Website automatically records via its servers Data relating in particular to the pages visited by the Customer. Example: Products may appear depending on the pages visited which allows the Site to issue personalized ads that are likely to interest the Customer.

The Data collected through this means: the IP address of the Customer, the address of the websites that the Customer visits, the data relating to cookies


A cookie is a file containing textual information that is recorded on the Customer’s hard drive when viewing a website.

The Website uses cookies that the Website may access when the Customer makes a new visit to the Site. These cookies allow the Site to record information relating to the pages consulted by the Customer on the Site. Revology also uses cookies to enable it to understand the Customer’s navigation on the Site, to safeguard the Customer’s preferences for future visits to the Site and to recognize it when connecting to the Site to improve the services that Revology is able to offer to the Customer.

Revology uses cookies to personalize and improve the Customer experience on the Site.

The Customer may at any time disable the use of these cookies by modifying the preferences in his browser. However, it is possible that this deactivation prevents access to certain features of the Site and to certain services offered by Revology and its partners.


The Data collected by the Site is intended for Revology and the entities it controls, which control it or under common control with it and for the purposes of the performance of the service (example: order or delivery).The Site may transmit the Data to its subsidiaries and affiliates or to third parties in the event of a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization or similar transaction.

The Data collected by the Site may be transferred to third party contractors for the purpose of performing the service. In that case, third party contractors will act on behalf of Revology and agree to comply with Revology’s instructions and the terms of this Privacy Policy.

These third party subcontractors use and process the Data in order to allow the proper execution of the service requested by the Customer. Example: the information relating to the Customer’s postal address to allow third party subcontractors, external service provider, to deliver the order to the Customer’s home.

Third-party contractors and third-party partners to which Revology appeals have committed to comply with the provisions of the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. The Site will implement the necessary security measures and will ensure that the third parties it uses comply with the rules relating to personal data enacted by said regulation. Revology will not be liable for any damages to the Customer that Revology can prove is not the cause of the damage.

The Site may transmit and share Customer Data:

  • with the third subcontractors involved on behalf of Revology to allow the proper performance of the service requested by the Customer,
  • following a summons issued by an authority to Revology to transmit the said Data,
  • in the event of suspicion of the Site relating to a fraud, a security problem or a technical problem, Revology may share the Data with the relevant bodies,
  • in case of legitimate interest for Revology (example: transfer of Data within the group of companies to which Revology belongs, in order to guarantee the security of the network and the information, to transmit to the state authorities Data highlighting criminal offenses or threats for public security).

Data transfer is done in the following countries: France, United Kingdom (only for payment information), New Zealand.

The Customer authorises the transfer and storage of Data outside his country of residence solely for the purpose of performing the service.

If privacy and personal data rights are not equivalent to those provided for in EU Regulation 2016/679,Revology will take additional measures to ensure that third parties comply with the rules on personal data, enacted by that Regulation. Revology will not be liable for any damages to the Customer that Revology can prove is not the cause of the damage.


The Customer has a free right of access and rectification of the Data concerning him as well as a right of opposition to the processing of his Data.

The Customer may access the Data which concerns him and which are held by the Site. These Data will be communicated on request of the Customer, by the Site, within the deadlines allowed by the law. Revology reserves the right to verify the Client’s identity in advance. For the exercise of this right, the Customer must either click on the button “CONTACT US” on the Revology website, or send a letter to the following address: 28 Helwick Street, Wanaka 9305, New Zealand (email).

The Customer may request the correction or correction of the Data concerning him by completing a form made available by Revology on the Site by clicking on the button “CONTACT US“, on the Revology website, or send a letter to the following address : 28 Helwick Street, Wanaka 9305, New Zealand (email).

Implemented 25/05/2018.