This month, we’re dedicating our blog post to going circular. When we design or choose designers for the concept store, our first thought is “what is this made from?” We’ve got two criteria – is it made of natural materials or does it repurpose materials otherwise destined for landfill. Thinking of a products lifecycle is key to stopping us from wasting resources.

Let’s take an inner tube. Usually made from a mix of synthetic and natural rubber. These can last for a couple of years or a couple of months. Inner tubes do not biodegrade. The main ingredient in many tubes, butyl, overtime breaks down into micro-plastic bits. Not great for our soil or water.

So what to do? Stop biking? No Way! First, REPAIR your tubes! Second, check out your local recycling centre to see if they TAKE BACK your tubes. If not…GET CREATIVE! From earrings, to bags to key rings, start thinking outside the bin to see how to repurpose this waterproof, supple, leather-like material and keep it in circulation (technical cycle). And if it ever needs to be repaired? You just get out your puncture kit!

This is what Maison Fantome, a little family run business established in 2014 in Bordeaux, France by Charles (dad), Michèle (mum), Jennie (daughter) and Steven (son) are doing, and doing it with style. Their beautifully crafted bags and accessories, fabriqué en France, should last for a life-time. Come in and check them out in store or online.



Repurpose with Revology



No one likes waste. Last month we made a big step in taking responsibility for products with the adoption of Product Stewardship regulations that put responsibility for aproduct’s life-cycle and waste management on manufacturers, importers, retailers and users, rather than on communities, councils, neighbourhoods and nature.

As part of the wider plan to reduce the amount of rubbish ending up in landfills or polluting the environment, the regulations target plastic packaging, tyres, electricaland electronic products (e-waste), agrichemicals and their containers, refrigerants and farm plastics. Good news for our land and water.



Repurpose with Revology



2020 is turning out to be a crazy year. To keep our loved ones safe, we are following government advise as cases start to develop in the community. We are open as per usual under Level 2 with a sign-in and sanitise process upon entry. And if we go to Level 3, please come visit us online!!

We would also like to say a massive thank you for your support over the last 6 months. Having opened on February 7th, we feel a little bit like a COVID baby. With your support, we are looking to get through this and come out stronger.

And on that note, if you are feeling stressed, a little scared, frustrated or uncertain, you are not alone! Be kind, stay connected and ask for help and let’s support each other through this.




Repurpose with Revology

Thank you to the team at Dunlop Builders who invited us to help dress up one of their stunning houses overlooking Lake Wānaka.