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Plastic Free July is now gone and we’re onto Repurpose August! The focus this month is materials. It’s one of our pillars when choosing products that come into the store. The first question we has is what’s it made from? We love when it’s made from materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

Repurposing can take on many forms but essentially it boils down to the practise of taking end of use materials (product and/or packaging) and turning them into other items that people can use, and reuse, keeping pressure off of landfills and recycling centres.

By supporting your local second hand stores, vintage outlets and recycling centres, (as opposed to buying new) as well as designers making new things with materials already in circulation, you help create this new economy that keeps things out of the rubbish.

Repurposing makes us friends. Friends with our neighbours, our wider community and our planet. You just need to look at all the incredible things community based companies like Wastebusters, Wanaka Community Workshop and Fabricate have achieved on a local level. They not only actively help reduce materials to landfill, they repurpose it through giving back to their community. There are also amazing brands like Defenders and Fantome who are at the forefront of the circular design revolution, repurposing inner tubes and billboards otherwise destined for landfill.

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Meet the Maker


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With our focus this month on Repurposing and Reusing end of use materials and objects we are excited to have our very own Monique Kelly in store at Revology on Wednesday the 24th of August from 5-7pm hosting a Repurposing Workshop. So bring yourself and the family along for a fun filled evening of creativity while weaving old bike tube inners into anything you can imagine. You can also bring your own pieces to work/collaborate on.

Contact us here to book your spot for either.


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  • 1. Glass Jars & Bottles – with a pot of boiling water and a few handy craft supplies old bottles and jars can easily take on new lives as beautiful vases, oil burning lamps, fairy light chandeliers, even a trusty keep cup. Bonus tip; the lids can be repurposed into tea light candles! 

    2. Old Bike Wheels and Inner Tubes – the trusty wheel reinvented once again can take on a new life as a flower wreath or even a clock! Cutting and weaving a rubber inner tube can form phone pouches, insulated keep cup holders, key rings. 

    3. Kitchen Cutlery & Utensils – vintage butter knives and tea spoons bent into bespoke coat hooks, forks into egg holders, old teaspoons & wooden spoons also make fantastic herb and plant markers in the garden.

    4. Ladders – my favourite as they’re so versatile! Hang them horizontally on the wall to make a bookshelf, or lean them on against the wall to hang blankets & towels. You can even suspend them from the ceiling to hang plants, pots and pans, or even a bespoke hanging light chandelier above the dining table.

    5. Old Doors and Windows – your options are endless with these! Not only do they serve their literal purpose in the home but when removed doors can be fashioned into outdoor couches, desks and table tops, bed heads and even a teepee for kids! Old window frames easily turn into bespoke picture frames, chalk board planners and even the lid to a green house planter box!

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Share your Repurposing Tips

Revology Giveaway


We’ve got an amazing Repurposed Giftpack to give away this month for one lucky Revologist. Share with us what you have repurposed this August on socials or in store before the 31st of August for a chance to win some of our favourite pieces featuring…Defenders Shopping Super ToteDecomposition Dot Grid Notebook Maker. Home by Tobias George