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After an incredible week of reflections and learning at the Wao Summit 2022 from some of the worlds leaders in the sustainable space, the pre-eminent take away for us to protect our future is the nurturing of community. Here at Revology, building and maintaining a sense of community is at the forefront of our heart and mind as a business and brand. That is why this month we are celebrating The Repair Revolution!The idea behind the Repair Revolution is driving a movement away from the throwaway culture and promoting product stewardship through the art and practice of repair. Taking possessions to be repaired whether it be a bicycle, clothing, shoes, or the trusty old toastie-machine instead of throwing it out and replacing it is GREEN GOLD! An unassuming repair shop might not look like a major disruptive force, however by extending the lifespan of your possessions by having them repaired is one of the most effective green actions you can take. New Zealanders have always had a proud history of their ‘No 8 wire’ attitude, that practical and resilient can-do approach to creating or repairing using scrap materials and lateral problem-solving, and we are here trying to revive it!The impacts of E-waste, along with planned obsolescence, has had a particular focus recently. It is the world’s fastest growing waste stream, and New Zealand’s per capita e-waste footprint is already 20.1kg per year. Not to mention our e-recycling rate is potentially as low as 2 percent! Sadly we are losing valuable resources and sending huge quantities of e-waste to landfill, risking public health and environmental harm from the toxic chemicals and components now discarded into our whenua.Waste is, of course, inevitable, but there are better ways to get rid of waste. There are steps you can take that will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and our natural environments every year. So with our focus firmly on inspiring positive change we are celebrating all of our incredible local organisations and brands that support the Repair over Replace mantra we aspire to live by.You can also check out our range of quality repair essentials and amazing brands in-store and online. A couple of our favourites being Merchant & Mills and ReCreate  


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WastebustersFabricateThe Wānaka Community Workshop

Get ready Wānaka, the Repair Revolution is back for an exciting collaboration between Wastebusters, The Wānaka Community Workshop and Fabricate this Saturday the 19th of November at The naka Community Workshop.What can you bring along?– Electronics (laptops, computers etc)– Electrical appliances (lamps, toasters, fairy lights etc)– Furniture– Radios– Toys– Bikes– Clothing and textiles (curtains, sleeping bags etc)Wastebusters are hosting repair events in Hāwea, Wānaka, Queenstown and Arrowtown with co-hosts Sustainable Queenstown, thanks to funding from Queenstown Lakes District Council.For further details and FAQs see www.wastebusters.co.nz under the Repair tab.




 1. Save money

By prolonging the lives of belongings that you love, you’re reducing the need to buy new and saving yourself all that hard earned money.

2.Reduce your emissions

Repairing both reduces demand for raw materials and the energy it takes to produce them – a big win for the planet. By extending the life of your favourite clothing items by only nine months, your carbon, water and waste footprints all fall by 20-30% each!

3. Form a better connection

Quality materials that are treated with love can last a lifetime! Giving an item new life strengthens your sense of connection to your belongings and repairing keepsakes and heirlooms can bring history back to life again for the next generation to share.

4. Up-skill

From sewing on a button to the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery, there’s unlimited learning opportunities waiting to be discovered. And when you do, you’ll feel empowered and proud of your achievement.

5. Discover mindfulness

Mending is a slow and soothing practise. The problem solving aspect of it requires creativity and focus. The process of working with your hands can help relax and bring you into the present moment, a key way to practise mindfulness.

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We have paired up with Merchant & Mills this November to gift one lucky winner this month an incredible giftpack featuring:Merchant & Mills Observations & Pocket Notebook Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair KitMerchant & Mills Nickel Hardware KitSimply visit us at Revology or jump on our socials to enter the draw and let us know what you’re repairing this Spring to be in to win!(Winner will be drawn Tuesday the 29th of November)