Merchant & Mills at Revology Concept Store Merchant & Mills at Revology Concept Store Merchant & Mills at Revology Concept Store Merchant & Mills at Revology Concept Store

Slow fashion is about making those conscious decisions to choose what is ethical, 
what generates minimal environmental impact, 
and ultimately what stands the test of time.
Curating a wardrobe with less - but quality - 
timeless pieces, made from materials that regenerate, rather than 
degenerate the environment, supporting fair and ethical practises 
that empower communities and people.
That is slow fashion. 
At Revology we make the decision to stock only products that encourage these practices. 
From the beautiful handcrafted 
McLean & Co. woven products to the locally sourced The Woven wools, 
to our Merchant & Mills organic fabrics, versatile patterns and 
carefuly curated tools.
+ New Merchant & Mills Fabrics in-store and online
+ McLean & Co products in-store
+ Register for our monthly knitting club
+ Participate in the Wastebusters 6 Item Challenge

Merchant & Mills at Revology Concept Store

Delightfully Creative & Versatile


There are some brands that inspire creativity. Merchant & Mills is top on our list. 
Their purpose is to make (or more precisely get YOU to make) clothes, not fashion. 
In curating and designing patterns, fabrics and tools, 
they make our fingers itch to start designing, cutting and making. 
The two creators behind the brand are Carolyn Denham, 
who has a degree in Fashion design and has worked in New York, 
Italy and London and Roderick Field, 
a respected photographer with works in the National Portrait Gallery 
and keeps the look of the brand through his gorgeous product photos.

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McLean & Co at Revology Concept Store

McLean & Co at Revology Concept Store

Handwoven Craftsmanship


The McLean & Co. story is an inspiring one. 
Weavers Rod and Sue McLean have brought back to life an art form 
that had almost been lost. 
Each hand (and foot) woven piece is woven with their heritage Hattersley looms, 
which date back to the early 20th century, in Oamaru, NZ. 
Each unique numbered piece is truly filled with their love and passion 
and they are destined to heirloom pieces that will last for generations. 
Both Rod and Sue are committed to The Slow Fashion Movement, 
as well as The Campaign for Wool, a global initiative that aims to highlight 
wool as a sustainable, comfortable, fashionable and durable option.
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You can also visit Sue & Rod at the Wānaka A&P Show this March.


The Woven Revology Concept Store

The Woven x Revology


And now we are into Autumn it's time to pull out the knitting needles 
and start getting the winter woolies underway. 
Much like the flax used in our chairs, The Woven wool is a circular material, 
born from the earth. Made from South Island merino wool, 
washed in Timaru, dyed in Oamaru and spun in Christchurch.
Join us at 5pm on the 25th of March for delicious Revology teas 
and knitting with friends, old and new. 
Register your interest by emailing contact@revology.co.nz

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Slow fashion at Revology Concept Store

Join the Wastebusters


Next month marks the 8 year anniversary of the Dhaka Garment Factory collapse in Bangladesh 
which took the lives of more than 1,134 people. 
Collectively we must put an end to the demand for cheap, 
ever-changing clothing. For the second year running Wastebusters are encouraging 
people to have a go at the Six Item Challenge. 
Participants limit their wardrobe for a month, 
with the goal of rethinking their relationship with clothing as well as raising awareness about the waste, 
exploitation and environmental impacts of its production and disposal. 
It's not too late to join in, head to their page to sign up.

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