Form 53 Luna Lamp | Black Painted Edge Bamboo | 110 x 59cm


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Luna’s design is inspired by a wooden musical shaker manufactured in Thailand. The wider base communicates a balanced and well proportioned form. A twenty four piece array allows for a subtle projection of shadows within the space it inhabits. At a height of 1100mm, Luna fits into any commercial or residential interior. 



Sustainability is at the forefront of the design & manufacturing process. Every material that we use is handpicked to ensure our products are manufactured from the best available. As our products are built to last, we use sustainable materials such as native New Zealand timbers, and naturally finished Bamboo plywood to manufacture our designs. Recyclable materials in today’s world play a vital role in our future. By manufacturing our products from renewable materials, we aim to reduce the effect that the current throwaway society has on the environment.


Size: 1100mm x 590mm

Colour: Black Painted 

Light: 5w LED array

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