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Nine of our favourite and most useful notions in one embossed box. A beautiful embossed and printed box, complete with our favourite and most useful notions. Designed with removable inserts so can be used for life as a sewing box

Contents: 25 Finest Needles, Wide Bow Scissors, Needle Threader, Dressmaking Pins, Tailor Beeswax, Tailor Chalk, Tailor Thimble Seam, Ripper Tape Measure.


Some brands just make you want to drool. It’s not very elegant I know but ya just can’t help it. Merchant & Mills was born from a desire to bring together a new vanguard of doers and makers, while also paying respect to the rich history and traditions of crafting. Founded in 2010 by designer Carolyn Denham and photographer Roderick Field, it evokes the ‘make do and mend’ attitude of years gone by, with a sharp focus placed on high-quality materials and timeless designs.Scissors made like they should be. They’ll look as good, and you’ll guard them as tightly, as your grandmother’s pair she put away in that special drawer that was just too high to get sticky mitts into. Based in London, Merchant & Mills makes sewing cool again. Using high quality, sustainably sourced raw materials this is slow fashion done with style. 

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