Design #1, Edition 1


If you live in New Zealand you can order your chair(s) for the next production batch. Each chair has a unique number, engraved under the recycled brass ring. Order directly and e-mail us your enquiries to contact@revology.co.nz. The flat rate shipping fee for our design #1 chairs is $150.



Born from the earth, designed for the future, design #1 is made from 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced composite linen fibres, bio-based resin and recycled brass.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of the classic Bistrot chair, design #1 was born from the earth: the back rest and legs are made from linen composite fibres, harvested and woven in Europe. The bio-based resin we use to make the seat comes from Japan. The metal detailing is recycled brass, made from scrap metal.

This First Edition collection is being released as a limited series. Each design #1 is imprinted with an exclusive serial number, and you can choose between four custom variations:

  • CLASSIC – pure elegance with nothing but clean lines and a transparent seat
  • CLASSIC WITH LUMBAR SUPPORT-  the lumbar support adds both style and comfort;
  • LINUM – an alternative to the transparent seat, the Linumseat is laser-etched with a hand-drawn pattern from New Zealand artist Leigh Cooper,creating not only a stunning visual (and beautiful shadows), but also making the seat hyper scratch-resistant
  • LINUM WITH LUMBAR SUPPORT -design #1 with lumbar support and Linum seat comfort, elegance, beauty.

We designed the chair to evolve. A bit like the cane seat in the traditional bistro chair, we’ve made a seat and lumbar support you can replace with the twist of an allen key. This means that as we launch new seats and lumbar support, you will be able to easily change the look of your chair simply by mixing and matching elements.

design #1 is hand-assembled and delivered to you in eco-packaging ready to sit on. It has been designed to last for generations, but if with time your well-loved chair need replacing, just send it to us, we will recycle it and give you a discount on your next Revology object. Circular economics.

Additional information

Option one

Classic, Linum Seat

Option two

Lumbar support, No Lumbar Support

Shipping Details

Please allow us 2-5 days for NZ wide orders.

Shipping Rates:

Free NZ Shipping (PLEASE NOTE: this excludes our Revology Chairs and Vintage furniture)

The shipping rate for two Revology chairs is $125. Shipping costs for our vintage furniture will be calculated after purchase. You will receive an email with these costs seperately

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