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Need to use the dryer and want to save energy & time? Pop our 100% natural NZ wool dryer balls into your dryer with your clothes and to soften them up without having to use chemical softners. The balls also absorb moisture so make drying your clothes faster and unclump all those wet towels by gently massaging out the creases (or something like that).


Because the Revology team choose them wisely for you. We’re really passionate about this little blue planet we call home – but sadly, what we buy and HOW we buy it is leaving a heavy footprint. We source quality everyday RE+ objects for your home, work and travel. SO, we want to make sure everything in our little concept store has a purpose. First it has to fall either in the circular economy (materials are recycled and/or recyclable) or the bio economy (melts back into the earth).


Put balls in to the dryer with clean wet clothes. Do not add fabric softner or any other chemical product to your washing. When the cycle is done, take out the balls and put them back into their bag. When they come to the end of their life (I’ve had mine now for 3 years so I think that this takes a bit of time), you can put the balls into the compost or bury directly in the earth.


We’ve developed the RE+ line of useful, zero-waste products based on two fundamental principles. First, they’re helping to avoid using single use products. Second, at the end of their natural life, they can either go in your compost and happily biodegrade away to make food for your garden or they’re designed to last a VERY long time and then be easily recycled. We don’t use paints or colours, everything is raw, beautiful, natural materials. 

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