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So who didn’t get into making their own sourdough over lockdown? Maybe like me you managed to kill it off – but the pleasure of smelling your own home cooked bread will not go away. This clever little ceramic number has everything you need to make the perfect loaf. Well not the starter but almost everything. Its refractory ceramic dome maintains just the right level of humidity during baking, thus recreating the conditions of a traditional baker’s oven in France i.e. super crispy golden crust and soft spongy insides. 

Designed to make things easier for you, the dome can be flipped over and used as a bowl to prepare the dough and let it sit, while the baking tray is lined with ridges that prevent your bread from sticking. That means you can make all manner of recipes and shapes: sourdough boule, crown bread with seeds, rye loaf…

Our tip: our Homemade Bread Set resists temperature swings, so you can put it in the refrigerator for your dough’s first rise, resulting in an even denser, tastier crumb.

Check out the instruction video here. It’s in French but you’ll get the gist. Totally recommend getting your own starter.

  • Guaranteed 10 years
  • Made in France
  • Size – 32.5 x 30cm

#Why We Love Them

Well because they are French. And we are a little bit chauvin. But also because they make everything in France and have done since they started up about 170 years ago give or take a few years. There’s not many companies that have managed to stay family owned and keep to their purpose – kudos to them. Made from the earth, with the goal of combing good food and family time together, they tick all our boxes. Natural materials, ethically made and both beautiful and useful.

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