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An indigo that tends towards the green end of the spectrum. This oilskin is heavier than the organic cotton variety and is ideal for that more hardy project you want to last for a VERY long time. It’s also made from 80% flax which is both hardwearing AND an amzing fibre in itself. Just check out our linen range to find out how incredible flax is.

The finish is drier and crisper than traditional oilskins with a matt appearance. Unlike normal oilskin there would be no oil transfer so you don’t need to line your garment or bag. This type of oilskin is water resistant, so this means that the water doesn’t completely run off it, but it won’t come through to the other side either. That being said, this is not to be used in a torrential downpour in Fiordland – although we’d like to hear back from anyone who does try this. Ideal for bags, accessories and any type of coat, jacket, parka etc.

  • 80% Flax, 20% Cotton
  • Width: 146cm      
  • Weight: 299gsm
  • Color: Cumin
  • Care: We recommend not washing oilskin, the mill advises that it can be hand washed, but bear in mind you would loose its water repellent finish. If you wash this cloth, you will need to re proof it using our reproofing spray. Use a cool iron, or just finger press. 


#Who Made My Fabric?

Made in a mill in the United Kingdom for Merchant & Mills. Dry Oilskin is treated with an emulsified wax. This binds a wax-based product with water to give a non-oily finish. The solutions are heat-processed into the cloth for a longer lasting finish and higher performance. The finish is vegan. 

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