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The Complete Language of Trees is a comprehensive encyclopedia providing the meanings, powers, facts, and folklore for over 400 types of trees.

The Complete Language of Trees is a comprehensive and neatly organized dictionary of over 400 types of trees that recognizes each species’ name, characteristics, and hidden properties from mythology, legends, and folklore around the world.

Along with a stunning visual depiction, each entry provides the tree’s scientific and common name, characteristics, historical and hidden properties from mythology, legends, and folklore.
Some of the lore of trees will include:
  • Hackberry Tree – encourages someone to continuously do their best
  • Manchineel Tree – it is so toxic that the smoke from a burning tree can cause blindness, and it is not even advised to inhale the air around the tree
  • Bark from the Bird Cherry Tree was placed on doors during medieval times to ward off plague
  • Washi paper is created from the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry Tree.
  • Pando is a Quaking Aspen colony that is 108 acres wide (about the size of 83 football fields!). It is technically one tree.
Imagine developing a spiritual connection with a tree in a way that exceeds visual perception. Where learning its meaning and value simultaneously improve your own mental and physical wellness? Throughout history, floriographies—flower dictionaries—have gained notoriety for regulating human emotions; giving depth, symbolism, and meaning to extremely delicate aspects of nature. Following the success of The Complete Language of Herbs and its predecessor The Complete Language of Flowers, author S. Theresa Dietz continues this custom with The Complete Language of Trees.

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