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Copper tongue scraper for better oral hygiene.

This tongue scraper is made especially for Ayurveda New Zealand by a family business in India and the quality is just beautiful. It comes in a little organic cotton bag.

How to use the tongue scraper:

  • Ideally, a tongue scraper is used every day, upon rising, and on an empty stomach.
  • Hold the two ends of the tongue scraper in both hands.
  • Extend the tongue and place the tongue scraper on the surface of the tongue, as far back as is comfortable.
  • Gently pull the tongue scraper forward so that it removes the unwanted coating.
  • Rinse the tongue scraper and repeat as necessary, usually 7–14 times.

#Why we love them?

Ayurveda, the ancient healing system from India, offers a holistic approach with a focus on diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and Yoga therapy to restore balance, energy, and quality of life.

Sarita who owns SATTVA Botanicals WOMEN’S HEALTH Formula is a diploma certified Ayurveda practitioner and Yoga teacher who studied Ayurvedic medicine in New Zealand as well as India with a strong interest in women’s health.

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