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Ugears adds a beast to its dinosaur automaton collection with the Triceratops (“three horned face”), a dynamic, mechanical DIY wooden model of the dominant herbivore of the late Cretaceous period. Like our Tyrannosaurus Rex model, the Triceratops is driven by a metal spring which transmits power through a reduction gear, turning the axle that drives the four legs. An eccentric gear sets the tail swaying in synchronous motion with the legs, helping the dinosaur walk smoothly, just as in nature.

Up to 9 meters in length and 9 metric tonnes in weight, Triceratops roamed the prairies of what is now North America some 68 million years ago, grazing on low-growing vegetation with their sharp, parrot-like beak. They were such a successful species that a leading paleontologist has estimated that five sixths of all large dinosaurs at the time were Triceratops! Their most identifiable features are the large skull (roughly one third of the total body length!), the large horns above the eye sockets, measuring up to 1 meter in length, and the large bony frill on top of the skull. Some paleontologists think the horns and frill were used for combat, while others think they served for visual display, especially in courtship. Triceratops skeletons have been found with partially healed bite marks from Tyrannosaurs, suggesting both predation and successful defense. Imagine a fearsome encounter between these “terrible lizards” as you build, play and display the Ugears Triceratops model alongside the Ugears Tyrannosaurus Rex model!

This amazing walking dinosaur model is a wind-up DIY wooden 1:32 scale model of a full-grown Triceratops. A winding key is concealed between the dinosaur’s shoulder blades. Remove the key and insert into either of the circular ratchet mechanisms located on either side of the dinosaur’s belly. Hint: if the legs are blocking the winding slot, wind from the other side, or press the “Start” button and spin the large gear under the dinosaur’s belly to advance the legs until the winding slot is clear. Press the “Stop” switch and give six or seven full twists of the key to wind the spring, then return the key to its position between the shoulder blades. Place the Triceratops on a smooth, flat surface, holding the automaton gently by the tail, push the “Start” switch down and release. Your Triceratops will saunter away, its tail swinging jauntily, its enormous head and frill bobbing and its jaws snapping. Perhaps it’s trying to escape danger— a hungry Tyrannosaur or an exploding volcano? Or maybe your Triceratops is in search of greener pastures? It takes a lot of ferns and cycads to fill the belly of a 9 tonne beast!

The Ugears Triceratops is rated “Advanced” level, has 400 parts, and promises 8+ hours of exciting assembly time. No glue or special tools are required for assembly. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Korean) to guide your build, making sure to properly sand and lubricate all moving parts for optimal dino function. This lumbering scale giant can cover up to 90-100 cm with each winding.

The Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex models will be joined by other Ugears dinosaurs in the near future, allowing you to build your own Cretaceous Park of prehistoric animals. These delightful and somewhat terrifying models are sure to fire the imagination of any child, sparking their interest in natural history. Besides these wonderful walking dinosaurs, you’ll find models for every taste and interest in the Ugears catalogue of 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits.

The Ugears Triceratops is a unique gift for anyone fascinated by dinosaurs and for any hobbyist who loves great design and mechanics. This wooden dinosaur automaton will make a great addition to any office or playroom. Start your Ugears dinosaur collection today!


We love Ugears for its beauty and challenge. Each of the models is a mechanical masterpiece that you get to put together yourself. For anyone who loves to make models, design or just tinker, this will make you want to do more. Patience and perserverance are required skills, not so much age. Although I would recommend that for kids under 13 years that they be helped out by and adult. Now just up to you to choose your model. Good Luck!

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