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Its’ official, Summer has arrived and the silly season is upon us! We’re seeing the number of people in-store increase steadily with a buzz of excited energy in the air! After what’s been another, rather interesting year of adapting to this new version of normal, remember to take this time, this summer, this Christmas, to reflect, and to rest.

To Re+LaxRe+PlenishRe+Vive & Re+Juvenate the soul.

Spend time with loved ones, voice gratitude for all that we have in this life, share memories and make new ones for the future, these are the things that will truely fill your cup.

Apart of our ethos at Revology is to inspire sustainability across all levels, our aim is to share with people how we can make more sustainable consumer choices. This is why inspiring conscious consumerism for a Sustainable Christmas is on the top of our wish-list this month at Revology!

In the week after Christmas alone, New Zealanders send an extra 50,000 tonnes of waste to landfill. That’s a staggering amount. It’s enough to fill 14,286 twenty-foot shipping containers, which, if stacked on top of one another would stretch 3 times the height of Mt Everest.  Thankfully, supporting a more sustainable Christmas can be easier than you think and we’ve got some handy hints to help you along the way.

When it comes to giving gifts for those special people we all to get them something that is going to improve their life somehow right? Well, what if that gift came in the form of a shared experience together? For example, a picnic by the lake, a brunch at a local café, a coupon for gardening help or babysitting? Shared experiences not only foster a stronger relationship with our whanau and friends, it also drastically reduces our carbon and waste footprint too!

If sharing an experience together isn’t an option logistically, there are plenty of ways to create beautiful handmade gifts, whether you are an at home baker, jam maker or sewing extraordinaire – gifts made with love, from the heart of the crafter are the best! If time is of the essence, why not scout your local secondhand store for something you can refresh or repurpose quickly, or find a small antique piece to be cherished for years to come?

If all else fails and buying new is the only option left on the table, make sure to buy sustainably. The more we support sustainably sourced producers and designers, the quicker the wider market will inevitably move towards a better, more sustainable future, for the planet, and for all of it’s inhabitants.

A very Merry Sustainable Christmas to everyone around the globe reading our newsletter, from all of the team here at Revology xx

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Christmas Tree When shopping for a new Christmas tree a 6.5ft artificial tree has a carbon footprint of about 40kg of greenhouse gas emissions and it can’t be recycled. A real Christmas tree is quite literally the greener option. That being said, the most sustainable tree, is the one you already have, whether that’s the old tried-and-true tucked away in the cupboard or the one potted on the front yard.

Wrapping Gifts Wrapping paper is often non-recyclable, and resource-intensive to produce. You could try what we do in-store and turn old magazines, books, maps and sheet music lying around the house into quick and affordable wrapping paper. Use the remaining scraps to make your own origami decorations and gift boxes too! Don’t forget to have your hemp twine handy for a beautiful finish rather than reaching for cellotape which sadly is also made of plastic and is not recyclable.

Or, you be inspired by the beautiful traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki and wrap your presents in fabric, whether its an old tablecloth, napkin or a fabric off-cut, there’s plenty of tutorials online to teach you this beautiful art-form.

Gifting Sustainably Giving reusable essentials as gifts is a great way to encourage friends and family on the idea of embarking on a zero waste journey. Built to last, they are the antithesis of their single use counterparts. Shop for gifts that are free of single use plastic. Opt instead for products made from biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Support Ethical Choose Fairtrade and ethically made gifts that give back to communities and the local economy. You’re also standing up for fair wages and fair treatment of workers throughout the supply chain.

Support Local This one’s a no brainer really, not only is your carbon footprint drastically reduced, you’re directly helping your local economy thrive by supporting family owned makers, creators and growers.

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Dried Orange Garland

A dried orange garland is a must-have Christmas decoration that you will be able to hang on your tree or your mantel!

To create one, slice a few oranges and use a towel to squeeze out as much juice as possible. Put them in the oven for two hours at 120°C, and once they are baked, leave them on a cooling rack for a few days. Use a needle and a thread to string them together. They make great tree ornaments too, just create a loop with your thread so that you can hang them.

Origami Stars

This is a great one to do with kids, create your own origami stars for your Christmas tree.

To make it as sustainable as possible, use up-cycled paper from old magazines or maps, or even paper bags. It will give your stars a unique look!

You can find great instructions on how to fold them here.

Handmade Wreath

If you love hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door for the festive season, why don’t you make one yourself?

First, try to find some flexible branches in nature to create a wreath base to create-your-own or reuse an old one.

Go foraging for some natural elements from your local environment to add visual interest, like pine branches, pinecones, holly, laurel, or rosehips, and add them to your wreath. You will end up with a beautiful and sustainable wreath!

Denim Tree Ornaments

If you have an old pair of worn-out jeans in your closet, do not get rid of it! Denim fabric is extremely durable and versatile so it would be a shame not to reuse it.

If you can sew, use them to create small Christmas tree ornaments. Start by cutting out two little triangles from your fabric, and hand-stitch a variety of stars all over them.

Stitch the two triangles together without forgetting to add cushion stuffing inside, or even better, some fabric from a worn-out piece of clothing to make it more sustainable. Finally, create a loop with a thread, and hang it on your tree.

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Revology Giveaway

The Waste Management Institute of New Zealand estimates as a nation we spend an extra $100 million on food at Christmas – with around one-third of it going to waste. That’s $33 million dollars straight in the bin! Not to mention the extra methane being released into the atmosphere!

That’s why this month we are proudly supporting Kiwi Harvest as our Christmas Give Back Recipient. Simply pop into Revology Concept Store with a donation of any canned or non-perishables food, or a bag full of goodness from the fruit tree in your backyard and enter the draw to:

Win a $50 Revology Voucher!

(Winner will be drawn on the 24th of December)

Note: As this food parcel will not be received by Kiwi Harvest until later this month please be mindful of the shelf life of whats donated, please give us a call in-store ahead of time if you have any questions xx